Deadline Paper Submission: October 16, 2016

Papers are to be submitted on-line.

A paper submission fee of US$35 is required for each paper. Please download the payment form to pay by check, credit card or wire transfer. Papers will not be reviewed unless payment is received. Fill out the form completely to be sure your payment is credited to your paper. Use a separate form for each paper.

Paper submission site will be open until October 16, 2016.

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All question on the paper submission process should be directed to the BALAS Executive Director, Prof. Yvonne Huertas, by email to profyvonnehuertas@gmail.com


1. Deadline for paper submissions

October 16th

2. Paper Submission Process:

Manuscripts must be submitted on-line at this site. During the on-line submission process please be prepared to enter in the title of the paper, abstract, three key words, track, and complete contact information for ALL authors. The information you submit during the on-line process will be used directly to create the program and proceedings, if your paper is accepted. So please be accurate and complete when entering this information.
There is a US$35 paper submission fee for each paper. Payment arrangements will be provided in the on-line submission page.

3. File Format

All submissions must be in MS Word. (PDF formats are acceptable for those documents with several equations or charts.)
The cover page, text, and all tables and figures must be in a single file submission. Do not send several file attachments for a single submission.

4. Document Structure

The paper must have the title centered on the top of the first page, followed by an abstract and then by the text.
Font: Times New Roman, size 10 pt.
Case: Use upper and lower case (do not use all caps even in titles)
Paper size: Letter
Margins: top, left and right: 3/4 ” (2 cm),
bottom 1/2″ (1.25 cm)
Justification: both margins
Line space: double

5. Size and length

There is a 20 page limit for submissions which includes all table, charts, appendices, and references.
The abstract must be no more than 100 words.

6. Language

All papers must be submitted in English.
At the conference, all papers must be presented in English.

7. Cover Page (must include the following)

Paper title and Track.
Do not include author’s information (BALAS uses a blind review process and authors are identified seperatly on the paper submission site).
Three key words to assist in indexing your paper.

8. Blind Review

To facilitate the blind review process, please leave the authors’ name off the body of the manuscript. Be sure to check headers and footers for the authors name.

9. If you are a Graduate Student

Graduate students must identify themselves as students if they wish to participate in the student events and have the paper considered for the student award. All authors involved in a student submission must be students for the submission to be considered for the “Best Student Paper” Award. During the on-line submission process, please do not designate the paper as a “student paper” if ANY of the authors are not students.

10. If your submission is a Teaching Case

Teaching cases are also accepted for presentation. The best teaching cases will be recognized at our awards ceremony. Teaching cases are not subject to the 20 page limit and must include teaching notes. (The teaching notes are not published in the proceedings).

11. Check the conference dates!

One author must present the paper at the conference or it will not be included in the proceedings. A paper may be scheduled on any date of the conference. Be sure one author is available for all days of the conference.

Only manuscripts corresponding to the above guidelines will be accepted.

Manuscripts should be submitted using the on-line paper submission form.