Surpassing the emerging country threshold: Challenges for Businesses and Government
April 05-07, 2017
Santiago, Chile

Hosted by School of Economics and Business, Universidad de Chile

Paper Submission Deadline: October 16, 2016

Emerging countries in Latin America and the world face enormous challenges in order to have sustained growth and development. Also, few countries in the developing world have been able to surpass the “developing nation or emerging nation” label (e.g. South Korea). Several countries in Latin America have shortened distances with developed nations, and have been indicated as “rising stars” in the past (Brazil, Mexico, etc.) but are still short from the development levels of USA and Canada, European and some Asia & Oceania countries. In BALAS 2017 conference in Chile, we would like to address this issue, exploring answers to questions like:

  • What do we need in Latin American countries to achieve development?
  • What kind of assets (tangible and intangible) do we need to create in order to foster development?
  • What is the role of Science & Technology, Education, Culture and Values, Institutions and Regulations, Government-Businesses-Society Alliances, and Trust/Accountability, in achieving development?
  • Are there other potential explanations? What are the needed actions for businesses and governments in order to make this happen?

In addition to this special Track, papers in all areas of business and economics are welcome.

Important Notice: The Journal of Business Research will publish a selection of the best papers of the BALAS 2017 conference. The best teaching cases will be eligible to be included in the CLADEA-BALAS Case Collection distributed by Harvard Business Publishing.


Intangible assets for future growth: Science & Technology, Education, Culture & Values, Institutions and Regulations, Government-Business-Society Alliances, Trust & Accountability


Accounting, Taxation and Management
Information and Control Systems
Consumer Behavior
Corporate Finance
Culture, Social and Ethical Issues
Economic Environment and Regional Integration
Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Financial Markets, Investment and Risk Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management
Marketing Management
Management Education and Teaching Cases
Strategies for Global Competitiveness
Supply-Chain and Operations Management